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How to Use CleanVerify

CleanVerify is a real-time data verification service embedded in Oracle CRM On Demand for addresses, phone numbers, and emails. CleanVerify determines data validity during entry and editing of Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. Use CleanVerify to achieve accurate Sales and Marketing outreach!

CleanVerify uses the StrikeIron data provider to perform:

  • Global Address Verification for 240 countries (complete list)
  • US Address Verification, Formatting, and Completion
  • Canadian Address Verification, Formatting, and Completion
  • US Zip code and Zip+4 Validation
  • Phone, mobile, and fax number validation for US and Canada
  • Email Verification

CleanVerify can be launched while entering or editing information for any Account, Contact, or Lead. Simply locate the ActivePrime CleanVerify widget next to address, phone, fax, and email fields, and click Verify.


After clicking Verify, CleanVerify provides real-time verification feedback on screen.


  • CV-3resultsV.jpg Data has been through verification and is valid.
  • CV-3resultsU.jpg Data has been through verification but could not be validated.
  • CV-3resultsI.jpg Data has been through verification and is invalid.

Fields enabled for CleanVerify validation include:

  • Addresses (billing, shipping, and mailing) – verify addresses and format to local postal service standards across more than 240 countries.
  • Numbers (phone, mobile, and fax) – validate numbers exist and are working in US and Canada.
  • Email – verify that email addresses exist and are properly formatted.

CleanVerify can update valid partial addresses by filling in missing cities, states, counties, or postal codes. CleanVerify also searches through and fixes address misspellings, such as San Francisko.

A CleanVerify results history can be downloaded as a CSV report by your CRM administrator. The CSV report will detail the date, data provider, entity, field, result, user, and record ID for each verification process.

CleanVerify validation fields are configurable company wide basis. Submit a request to customize your validation fields.

To upgrade from the North American to Global package for Address verification, submit a request.

Please note that your validation results may vary depending on the data provider configured for ActivePrime to use.

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