How does the Book of Business read process work for ActivePrime Search and CleanEnter?

When using the Book of Business read process all data requests are run through the end user’s JavaScript API provided by Oracle in their web browser. The change in behavior from the traditional search process is that instead of ActivePrime Search or CleanEnter searching its index for the top resulting records and immediately returning all data it will instead return a larger list of ranked record IDs. These record IDs are then processed by the JavaScript API to fill out the actual results list. Any record that the end user does not have access to will not be returned by the JavaScript API and therefore is ignored in the user’s results. The list of possible matches is set to ten times the normal display limit configured for your system. If the display limit is reached your results are immediately returned otherwise the full list of possible matches will be tested before your results are shown. Submit a request to enable Book of Business permissions. 

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