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How to Use CleanEnter

CleanEnter is a real-time duplicate detection service embedded in Oracle CRM On Demand. It searches your records and helps prevent the creation of duplicate records during manual entry. CleanEnter utilizes the powerful Fuzzy matching algorithms that ActivePrime's tools are known for. CleanEnter easily identifies nicknames, misspellings, phonetic variations, international characters, and searches within a field, allowing for efficient identification of existing Accounts, Contacts, and Leads.

CleanEnter is automatically launched whenever you create a new Account, Contact, or Lead in Oracle CRM On Demand. New record creation is initiated via the Create menu in the Oracle CRM On Demand action bar, or any of the New buttons throughout the CRM. CleanEnter is also launched when you convert a Lead.



To use CleanEnter, enter the search terms for the new record that you want to create and click Search.


CleanEnter will search for duplicates and the results will be displayed on screen. If you identify an existing record that you would like to use, click Use to open its detail page in Oracle CRM On Demand. From here you can review or update the existing record.


If there are no matches and you would like to create a new record, click Create at the bottom of the CleanEnter page. This will redirect you to the new record creation page in Oracle CRM On Demand, where you can enter information and save your new record.


In the search results, click View next to any record to see detailed information. Click Go Back to return to the search results list.


During Lead Conversion, CleanEnter will also check for existing duplicate records. When you click Convert from a Lead detail page, CleanEnter will cross-check against existing accounts and contacts before converting the lead. You can associate the conversion with existing records or create a new record. You can also create a new opportunity at the same time.


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