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How to Use ActivePrime Search

ActivePrime Search is a real-time CRM search solution that is embedded in ActivePrime Search utilizes the powerful Fuzzy matching algorithms that ActivePrime's tools are known for. ActivePrime Search easily identifies nicknames, misspellings, phonetic variations, international characters, and searches within a field, allowing for a more intuitive and efficient search of your Accounts, Contacts, and Leads.

ActivePrime Search can be found in the sidebar.


To search for your records, simply enter your search terms, select the type of records to search for (Account, Contact, or Lead), and click Go!


Your search results will be displayed on screen. Each search result will have a match score indicating how close of a match it is to your original search term. Click View next to any record to see detailed information. You can click Go Back to return to the search results list.


When you have identified your target record, click Use to open its detail page in


If you are not satisfied with your search results, you can modify your search terms and search again. You may also refine your search results by adding search terms for any of the fields listed on screen.


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