How are the duplicate sets categorized?

Your results are categorized to expedite the review process before merging duplicates. Duplicate sets are found by your match settings, and they are categorized by the data in your chosen displayed fields. Your matching results are organized into three categories in CleanCRM, CleanImport, and CleanCSV:

Duplicates Requiring Review: Duplicate records with conflicting data in the displayed fields. These records should be reviewed before merging.
Duplicates Not Requiring Review: Duplicate records without conflicting data in the displayed fields. These duplicates are exact matches and require little to no review before merging.
Unique Records: Unmatched or non-duplicate records as defined by your settings.

Please ensure to display all fields with valuable information to avoid losing any conflicting data that is meant to be reviewed or retained. Applying changes to your displayed fields may re-categorize your duplicate sets based on the data contained in those fields.

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